An average sized braided pastry after rising will be approximately 5 in. wide by 2.5 in. tall by 13 in. long. We have seen many larger than this and some smaller. It is highly dependent on the freezer storage conditions, room temperature in which the pastry is rising, etc. We recommend a room temperature of 70° F.

A frozen braided pastry, on average, is approximately 2 in. wide by 1 in. tall by 9.5 in. long. So, the size of your braided pastry will more than double in width and height at the end of the raising process!

Don’t try for a world record here and let your pastry raise for too long! After a certain point in the raising process the yeast becomes so expanded that it will “fall” much like a rubber band that can no longer stretch. If that happens, it’s nothing to worry about, you’ll just have a flatter pastry than normal.