Bluebonnet Fundraising FAQs

//Bluebonnet Fundraising FAQs
Bluebonnet Fundraising FAQs2018-03-16T12:02:21-05:00
Why can’t I buy them in stores?2018-03-16T12:02:05-05:00

By offering them exclusively through fundraising, superior quality is maintained and each customer is assured a fresh product. Limited availability is also important to keep demand high and increase profits for our fund raising groups.

What should I expect at delivery?2018-03-16T12:02:05-05:00

We will arrive in our own delivery vehicle on the date and time selected. We bring almost all orders pre-sorted, based on your submitted order. The orders will be sorted to the seller and their names will be on the boxes. There is also a number displayed on the boxes near their names for easy sorting to the seller. We will stack them by seller/number so it is easy to hand them out. If we need to drop off the order early in the day, we will provide freezer blankets to keep your order frozen until hand out. We will arrange to pick up the blankets at a later date.

How long does the fundraiser take?2018-03-16T12:02:05-05:00

Most groups sell for two weeks. After the order is called in we will deliver in 10-14 days later. So your sale can be wrapped up within a month! In slower times of the year we can even do it quicker as our delivery schedule is more flexible.

Do I collect money when I take the orders or upon delivery?2018-03-16T12:02:05-05:00

We suggest that you collect payment when your customer places their order. This way you have all the money collected in advance and you won’t be stuck with any product that is not paid for.

What is the minimum order?2018-03-16T12:02:05-05:00

We encourage all groups to sell more than 300 items. Selling less than 300 items may result in a delivery fee.

When do I pay Bluebonnet Fundraising?2018-03-16T12:02:05-05:00

Payment is due at the time of delivery.

Who do I make the check payable to?2018-03-16T12:02:05-05:00

Please have one check made out to Bluebonnet Fundraising for our portion of the sale.

Why can’t I order online and have it shipped to me?2018-03-16T12:02:05-05:00

Due to the fact that Butter Braid® pastries must be sent overnight, with dry ice in a cooler, the shipping cost soon eats up the profit.

How do I send in my order from my fundraiser?2018-03-16T12:02:05-05:00

You should receive an email with a link to your own online order tabulator to use to submit your order. If you didn’t receive it, give us a call or email us and we will resend it.