Groups Fundraising

Public or Private School Groups

Bluebonnet Fundraising specializes in helping public or private school groups meet fundraising goals for the special activities. Over the years we have served area schools and have a number of tips and tricks to help motivate your sellers to achieve more.

  • School Choirs

  • School Orchestras

  • School Bands

  • School Theater Groups

  • School Sports Teams

  • Senior Class Projects

  • Prom

  • Class Trips

  • PTA Activities

  • Faculty Appreciation

  • Dance Groups

Sports Teams

We all know that Select Sports Teams can be an expensive but exciting endeavor for your kids to participate in. That is when your team needs to turn to Bluebonnet Fundraising to help where sponsors may not. From tournament to travel funding, we can help send your team to the next competition.

  • Baseball

  • Softball

  • Soccer

  • Basketball

  • Volleyball

  • Cheerleading

  • Dance

  • Hockey

  • Lacrosse

  • Bowling

Church Groups

Your church has a mission to spread the good news and Bluebonnet Fundraising is here to help. We have worked with number of church groups achieve their goals in funding a big summer activity, their youth mission efforts, choir trips, or a church-wide special project.

Youth Education

Your youth education center has a special mission to serve children where the normal school system cannot. If you have a special project for your day care or early education school that needs funding or if your group is sponsoring a Mother’s Day Out, a fundraiser can help to meet your financial goals. Let Bluebonnet Fundraising help to meet those goals!

Service Organizations

Serving in your community with a volunteer group is a noble venture. Bluebonnet Fundraising is here to help groups like yours to meet the fundraising goals you have to better impact those around you in your school or neighborhood. We’ve helped local Scout groups, PEO groups, 4-H groups, and other volunteer groups achieve their mission of serving others around them.