How to Get Started Fundraising

In 6 Easy Steps!

//How to Get Started Fundraising
How to Get Started Fundraising2018-03-16T12:02:21-05:00

Reaching your fundraising goals has never been easier. With these 6 easy steps, Bluebonnet Fundraising makes the whole process easy for your group from getting started to delivering the product.

Step 1

Contact us at Bluebonnet Fundraising to set up your specific fundraiser dates and request free samples for your new group. We will get your customized order forms printed & mailed right out to you!

Step 2

Pass out the order forms with excitement to your group members and be sure to communicate both group and individual goals. Fundraisers typically last 2 weeks.

Encourage participants to taste your freshly-baked, free samples. It’s a lot easier to sell something you are excited about! Be sure parents know for only $6.00 they can purchase samples to bake and bring along with order forms to work. They will be a huge hit with morning coffee and people will order 2 – 3 times more than without having a sample!

Step 3

When done selling, collect order forms and money. Make sure the order forms have the seller’s name and phone number on them. If you have a large group, it will help at the delivery if the forms are sorted alphabetically, by class or by teacher’s last name.

Step 4

Tabulate totals by flavor and deposit money into your bank account. Feel free to use our Order Calculator spreadsheet. It’s a great tool and will help you keep an accurate count of any late or change orders, as well as money paid/owed, etc.

Step 5

Phone in your group’s totals or email us the completed Order Calculator spreadsheet. We’ll immediately create an invoice and e-mail it to you so you can prepare your check prior to delivery.

At this time you will want to confirm delivery details and ask any remaining questions you may have. Be sure to keep order forms as we will use them to do the order separation at delivery.

Step 6

Delivery day – this is the part our customers love! Just bring your order forms and have payment ready to give to our delivery staff. We’ll bring everything else!

You may want to have a few volunteers handy and if possible, a table is always helpful for the order separation. We will assist you in the assembly line process and you’ll be done before you know it. If there are any problems, we’ll be there to fix it for you, right then and there. That’s all there is to it!

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